One of the newest and most powerful marketing tools you can use to promote your business is social media. Think of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, 4Networking and Twitter. There has NEVER been a more cost effective way to get your message out to a huge number of potential clients. A SuperBlog is the centrepiece, of your communications / social media strategy.

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Supercharge your on-line marketing with SuperBlog


Social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are fast overtaking traditional communication and marketing methods in gaining public awareness, and harnessing their power can dramatically raise your company profile and sales performance.

That’s where SuperBlog comes in.  It’s a blog hosting and publishing platform designed to give the widest possible circulation to your business blog, multiply traffic to your company website and make your products and services a list-topping favourite with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other leading search engines.


What’s the difference between blogging and SuperBlogging?  In a word, it’s coverage.  SuperBlog uses WordPress programming to download and publish your blog to all the major social media sites – as many as you choose – in a single hit!  A bit like publishing an email to your entire address book.

The sheer scale of your output can prompt corresponding responses, generating valuable back-links to your site that are picked up by search engines and boost your ranking in their lists.


It’s long been recognised that informal networking, customer testimonials and referrals are amongst the most effective ways of building a business – and blogging encompasses them all!  The only problem is that most business people barely have time to keep up with their  emails – let alone writing and publishing a regular blog and responding to followers!

With SuperBlog that’s not a problem.  We can offer a fully managed service, inclusive of site installation, content management and creation.  See below for service options.


By engaging with people you create stronger customer relationships, greater advocacy and deeper loyalty. The new SuperBlog II  is the perfect platform to easily deliver useful information to the people who are searching for it.

You will soon become recognised as an expert in your field – above your competitors – and will quickly be found on Page One of the worlds most popular search engines.

By providing and sharing helpful information in this easily accessible way for your audience, and by sharing your knowledge and know-how in your responses to their comments, they will become personally engaged with you and your brand. This creates greater value and trust for everyone, making you more approachable, which in turn generates more leads and enquiries.


Conventional search engine optimisation (SEO) is reactive rather than pro-active, merely organising the content of your site to be more accessible to search engines.  Which is fine as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough – not if you want to consistently top the list of search engine results.

Search engines rate your site by the number of back-links or referrals it receives from other web users, something that our SuperBlog site hosting is specifically designed to achieve.  See the testimonials of our clients, below, to see just how effective our service is.  And remember, if you don’t take advantage of this powerful promotional tool you can be sure your competitors will.


Rory Gear
Using a SupeBlog as part of our social media strategy has been one of the best marketing decisions that we have ever made. It has now become a “Virtual Magnet” consistently bringing us new business through our doors, and all with very little effort.   www.rorygear.com
Rory Gear Rubicon Writing Services
Yvonne Martin
When looking for a new website, a friend highly recommended the SuperBlog to us and we’re so pleased with the result. Ian and his team bent over backwards to make sure we had a site that met our exacting requirements, and we love the way that not only do we have an amazing looking  website, but we also have an easy-to-follow social media strategy that uses our SuperBlog, FaceBook and Twitter to bring in new business.   www.woodfenlodge.co.uk
Yvonne Martin Wood Fen Lodge
Ellee Seymour
I would like to thank you for my new professional website. I was amazed to find I had written almost 1,000 posts on my old blog, and with all the pictures and videos, there was an incredible amount of content, and thank you for helping me to transfer everything over. It means that although I still have all of my precious blog content, the main focus is now on my professional skills. Thank you so much for such a professional job, which has resulted in receiving very positive feedback. It has exceeded all my expectations. www.elleeseymour.com
Ellee Seymour Proactive PR


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