Larry is a keen diver who contacted us as he wanted to create a place where he could store photographs and information about his frequent scuba diving excursions.

Like many of us, Larry is short of time and wanted something that would be simple and quick to maintain, and he didn’t have either the time, or the patience to learn any new technical skills.

Larry is a highly active member of a scuba diving club and is active on many diving forums, and also a member of various social networking site. He stipulated that he wanted to be able to use his blog to broadcast his posts across all his networks at the click of a mouse.

Additional Features

  • Gallery
  • Flickr Integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Apture integration
  • FaceBook Like Button
  • Social Media Integration
  • Corporate Branding
  • Amazon integration


Larry Lloyd
I’m a passionate diver, I love diving on wrecks, and I lead a very busy life. I wanted something that would easily and simply enable me share my passion with others in such a way that it wouldn’t eat into my time, and my SuperBlog allows me to do just that.
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