Business blog tip – Don’t make a wish, make a plan!

If you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.  In Disneyland maybe, but you might do better to cultivate a rich relation or get yourself a sugar daddy.  A dream without a plan remains just that – a dream.  And perhaps because it’s all shiny and new compared with traditional media, some have a dreamy view of social marketing, regarding it as some kind of fairy godmother to whom they only have to whisper their fantasies (in blog form, or course) for them to be fulfilled.

Simply writing a blog and pinging off tweets into the ether is about as effective as writing letters to Father Christmas.  As in advertising or promotion, you have to think first about your target market and how and where to reach them.  You need to identify the locations – networking sites, chat rooms etc – where your customers congregate and channel your output there, where you’ll find the on-line equivalent of a hot mailing list.

Then prepare a media schedule, not of press titles and broadcast stations, but of networking sites like LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Stumbled Upon, all of which have their own distinct membership profile, and link your blog to events in the professional calendar – exhibitions, trade fairs, new legislation, technological advances etc – of special interest to your would be followers.

The better organised you are, the more real your dreams will become!

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