Business blog tip – It pays to persevere

Time and again I’ve met business people who take up social marketing with all the fervour of old time religion, and then lose faith and patience with it because it hasn’t turned their business around instantly.  “And besides” they say, “I haven’t got time for all that, I’ve got real work to do!”

This is a pity because, as with so many things in life, perseverance pays off.  Social marketing is similar to public relations in as much as it’s a gradual image building exercise.  It has a cumulative effect that builds to a tipping point where your reputation precedes you, and customers begin to seek you out rather than the other way around.

In the meantime, you’ve got to hang on in there and drip feed them on a diet of news, informed opinion and ‘how-to-do-it’ tips in your area of expertise.  Involve them and they’ll involve you.

As to ‘not having time for all that’, there’s no rule that says social marketing has to be the sole responsibility of one person in the company or organisation.  In fact it’s more effective if 100 people devote 1% of their time to it than if one person devotes 100% of his or hers.  If that still presents  a challenge, we have people who can ghost write blogs and emails for you!

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