Business blog tip – Time your Tweets carefully!

Ever found yourself watching a re-run of Casablanca on the TV when you’ve got the video gathering dust in a drawer, and you could watch it anytime you wanted?  There’s something about a live-to-air broadcast that a recording can’t match – even though the ‘live’ show is a recording itself.  Crazy, isn’t it?

It’s worth remembering that when you post articles on your blogs and tweet your tweets.  The latter have a lifespan of about 15 minutes on Twitter, before they’re confined to the archives, from which they’re rarely exhumed again.

The point is to time them to catch your followers when they’re there to receive them – live – which for business people is generally when they come in or out of meetings, or break for lunch or a coffee, and take a moment to catch up with their emails.  Catch them then and you catch them good.

Even Lady Gaga and Stephen Fry have to compete for time and attention with their followers’ partners, children and employers.  So pick your tweeting times carefully.  Having an astronomical following is meaningless if no-one’s there when you call!


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