Rory Gear

Rory Gear is a full time professional writer and blog writer, he writes pretty much about anything and everything that interests him. Rory believes that a true writer is born to be a writer, and for everyone else it’s a long hard graft.

Rory has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers on almost any subject you can think of – and some you can’t. He has also written books (fact and fiction), e-books, web text, ghost blogs, features, press releases, comments, poetry (badly) and a daily diary. His clients consist of Magazines, Newspapers, PR Companies, Businesses, private individuals, website owners, entrepreneurs, mystics and fools. Yeah…Rory will write for anyone who will pay him!

Additional Features

  • Vertical Response eMail Marketing integration
  • Embedded audio player
  • FaceBook Like Button
  • Apture Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Corporate Branding

Additional Services

  • Social Media training
  • Social Media strategy design
  • Blog management training
  • One-to-One Skype support


Rory Gear
Using a SuperBlog as part of our social media strategy has been one of the best marketing decisions that we have ever made. It has now become a “Virtual Magnet” consistently bringing us new business through our doors, and all with very little effort.
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