The Corryvreckan Folk Band

The Corryvreckan folk band are five musicians who all live in Lechlade in the Cotswolds and enjoy performing Celtic music, both contemporary and original. Although they take their music seriously they don’t take themselves too seriously and are all about putting the fun into folk music.

Playing a wide variety of instruments and singing a lot of their own songs Corryvreckan love to engage with their audience and always enjoy a little light-hearted banter.

The band wanted a site that reflected the Celtic image of their music, where they could share photographs, biographies, and video’s of their performances that were hosted on YouTube. They also wanted an integrated social media strategy where band members could use Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo to promote themselves, and inform their fans of upcoming gigs. Finally, they needed a contact form to gather enquiries, which automated processes utilising auto-responders that forwarded the enquiries to each of the band members, and automatically sent a thank you email to the visitor for their enquiry. the When they release their album we will also be integrating the site with iTunes, so watch this space!

Additional Features

  • Photo Gallery
  • Flickr Integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Apture integration
  • FaceBook Like Button
  • Social Media Integration
  • Corporate Branding
  • Integrated gig diary
  • Contact form
  • Connect Page


Additional Services

  • Social Media training
  • YouTube training
  • Social Media marketing strategy design
  • One-to-One support and coaching
Ken Hirons
Ian is one of the few people who has that rare ability to successfully combine technical skill with artistic vision in such a way that creates exceptional and stunning web and blog sites. He doesn’t just build websites he brings them to life and when I asked him to build me a website for my celtic folk band – Corryvreckan – I was amazed at the results. Integrating ‘You Tube’ and a gig diary with a band profile and a wealth of other links in a framework that perfectly encapsulates the band ethos and celtic theme exceeded all my expectations, bringing our marketing into the 21st century. This man is a genius!
Ken Hirons The Corryvreckan Folk Band


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