Tip Tours.co.uk

This unusual site was put together by Ian McKendrick and writer Joe St Clair in order to share their stories to inspire their visitors as they travel their journey on their path to total life fulfilment

On the About Page is an short video explaining the projects aims and goals.

Every week Ian and Joe visit a new location in the depths of the Cotswolds where Ian interviews Joe St Clare, who describes the scene, and explains why he chose that place, and what it was that inspired him to write a particular tip for total life fulfilment.

This site brings together a diverse range of content and information, which is  delivered through a multitude of the worlds top social media sites to ensure they capture the imagination and interest of as many different people as they can.

Additional Features

  • Mail list integration
  • AudioBoo integration
  • Gallery
  • Flickr Integration
  • iTunes integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Vimeo Integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Apture integration
  • FaceBook Like Button
  • Social Media Integration
  • FeedBurner Integration
  • Corporate Branding
  • Amazon integration

Additional Services

  • Integrated analytics
  • Social Media training
  • Social Media marketing strategy design
  • One-to-One support and coaching


Jo St Clair
I approached SuperBlog.biz because I wanted to find a way to sell more of my books on the Internet. I was stunned at the depth of thought that Ian and his team put into designing our social media marketing strategy, and I must admit that I had my doubts to begin with! However, after everything was set up and I received the training I could not believe how quickly we were being listed on Page One of Google, and as if by magic we were selling books through the site within only a matter of weeks. As a converted sceptic my advice to you is that you have to do this, this is the new way that business is done over the Internet, and it works. You will not regret it!    www.tiptours.co.uk
Jo St Clair Best Selling Author

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