WTV Media

WTV Media help people engage with real people.

Your personality is now crucial for your busines succeess, so consider a short “introduction” video of yourself …. If you are passionate and really believe in what you do,  running a company or offering a service, a personal profile video will allow your passion to really shine through and create trust with your web viewers.

WTV Media helps with confidence coaching whilst filming is taking place, then edit and and deliver your video onto Youtube, so you can embed and share your video to as many websites as you like.

Additional Features

  • Mail Chimp integration
  • AudioBoo integration
  • Video streaming
  • YouTube integration
  • FaceBook Like Button
  • Apture Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Corporate Branding
  • Scrolling Features
Phil Begnett
Being involved in TV and video production I wanted to create a Video-Blog as part of my company’s Social Media strategy. The SuperBlog was the perfect choice for me as I wanted something quick and simple, as well as someone who could hold my hand and give me help when I wanted it. The SuperBlog support guys have been exceptional and give me just what I need. Nothing seems to phase them, their priority support is second to none, they give well thought out advice, and are highly dependable. All-in-all, a simply brilliant platform and thoroughly recommended!  www.phillbegnett.com
Phil Begnett WTV Media

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